Pop Choir

Choirs and group singing activities are an incredible way to develop singing skills, socialise and have fun. I always work with as little written music as possible so the group learns a piece by listening and copying. No one is ever made to do a solo if they don't want to and the group is encouraged to support one another, working as a team to develop performance and vocal skills.


I am a capable arranger, workshop facilitator and choir leader who has worked with large and small vocal groups, made up of people of different ages, backgrounds and abilities.



If you are looking for a choir leader, musical director or workshop facilitator for your project please get in contact!

Working as a band, as a group of individual songwriters or a large group of musicians from different disciplines to write original music, understanding the concepts of songwriting from a practical perspective and using those skills for whatever purpose you want; for fun, a cross-arts project, to raise awareness of an issue or to open discussions about issues and ideas.


Songwriting is incredibly diverse and anyone from experienced musicians to complete beginners can use it to further their study, understanding or enjoyment of music. 


I have planned and facilitated songwriting projects lasting between a day and 10 weeks with people from no musical background to experienced musicians. If you would like to work with me please get in contact 


Songwriting  Workshops 

Previous Projects

Songs of Experience At Shefest 2017

Women at the festival contributed their ideas and thoughts on gender equality by writing them on leaves and adding them to the experience tree. I then took these ideas and wrote a song from them.