Covid-19 and Face to Face Teaching 

It has been a really tough time for everyone recently and I feel now more than ever that music is so important for our health and well being. I have been working really hard to be able to get back to teaching in a safe way by reducing the risk of transmission as much as possible. 

Sessions are now being held at two locations: 

  • Newtown Community Centre, Belmont Park, Exeter

  • Yeoford Community Hall, Yeoford, Crediton

I have carried out risk assessments for both locations which can be viewed at the bottom of the page. All photos below are of Yeoford Community Hall. 

  • Clear Plastic Screen between Student and Teacher

  • 2m of space between Student and Teacher

  • Payment can be taken by contactless or bank transfer only

  • Separate entrance to the space only used by my students

  • Hand sanatisers for use on arrival and after each session 

  • Staggered arrival of students to avoid contact and allow for cleaning

  • I am asking students to use their facilities at home before coming to sessions to avoid having to use the space's toilets

  • Music stand for students use (this will be cleaned in between sessions)

  • Digital music and resources can be viewed via screen mirroring on the Ipad (screen sanitised after each session)

  • No contact between students and teacher

  • Minimal sharing of instruments or equipment - this  is sometimes necessary when assisting with tuning but I will thoroughly sanitise your guitar after I have helped you to tune

Things you can do...

  • Use your facilities at home before coming to the space to avoid using the toilets

  • respect social distancing (2m) at all times whilst in the space

  • Wear a face mask if you do need to go into the main building ​

  • Do not attend sessions if you are feeling unwell or if you are contacted by Track and Trace