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" Everyone should be given the chance to develop their musical skills and the benefits of learning an instrument can be more than just gaining a grade or qualification. Music not only improves our well-being and helps us to relax but can improve confidence, academic achievement and give us vital social and teamworking skills"



Yeoford, Crediton 


I can help you make a good start with the guitar, working through basic chords, finger picking, strumming technique and rhythm


Develop your vocal skills and learn more about your voice by learning your favourite pop, rock or musical theatre songs


Just started writing your own songs or want to start? I offer one to one, group and band working sessions


I am experienced in leading choirs and workshops. I have worked on a range of projects with young people and adults of all abilities 


£25 p/h

Using your favourite songs we will break down each section and build exercises around the songs chord changes, rhythm, time signature and key to help build your finger strength, playing ability and musical understanding. The material comes from you, so we will never study a song you don't know or like. All the exercises can be adapted to your learning pace and style.


You will need:

- Your own Guitar


For guitar, I offer group lessons (Maximum 2 people in the same household or bubble) and 1/2 hour lessons. 




£30 p/h

We will develop your vocal skills by learning songs that you love, looking at a variety of tools and techniques to help you find your unique voice whilst develop an awareness and understanding of the inner workings of the voice, vocal health and how to care for your voice. 


For Singing I offer group lessons (Maximum 2 people in the same household or bubble ) and 1/2 hour lessons. 




£30 p/h

We will look at different ways of starting the songwriting process, developing musical or lyrical ideas and basic music theory. Sessions can be based around a particular project, can be with a band or in a group. 


You will need:

- A pen and some paper

- the instrument/computer/software you are composing with


For Songwriting, I offer group sessions (Maximum 2 people in the same household or bubble). 1/2 sessions are not available.


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